In October, 2020 Chamber of Digital Commerce sent 0.0047 BTC worth of $50 to 535 US Congress members.The motive behind this was to introduce lawmakers to the Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency,as part of a groundbreaking initiative called "Crypto For Congress"

Crypto for congress is a pivotal inflection point, akin to the time Members of Congress received their first email or sent their First tweet.

The price of BTC was $10,700 on the day, when it was sent to all congress members $50 = 0.0047 BTC

At today's price, the 0.0047 BTC is worth of $200.

The value of BTC has quadrupled in 15 months.

Even after getting introduced in such a good way to Crypto, lawmakers are not really interested in Crypto. This maybe because they are making way more in insider trading in stocks based on the information they receive because of their position.

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