The attraction of fast money is prevalent in this generation who want minimum work and maximum pay. The crypto world offers unimaginable gains from the get go to lure people in ,specially the youngsters who want everything,now ! A stable job cannot give them in a year what crypto can give them in a week.Logically, anyone would get attracted to this and would think of leaving whatever job they have and dive into this space. That’s the attraction of AI and it is infectious.

I’ve come across a project which is doing some really ground-breaking work in this direction.UpBots is a bots support that has some of the best bots I've come across in the last several months. Trading with them is simple, and it provides enjoyment and utility to all parties involved.

When it comes to token trade, bots cover a wide range, from ETH to CAKE and memes like SHIB and DOGE, so there's something for practically everyone.

And it gets even better. UpBots is gung-ho to release a brand new set of Superbots, taking the DeFi space one step farther! Several more features are now being developed, such as copy trading, and the Metaverse angle is also being studied, all of which will make this platform much more significant in the future.

SuperBots is a decentralized platform that allows anyone to trade on the DEX through vaults and manages your portfolio by using trading bots to trade the most efficient products.

With the growth of Superbots and Metaverse games, UBXT appears ready to do an easy x10 – x50 from here, having a current market cap of $11 million.

The best part is that using the vault trading bots at is entirely free. When trading bots make money via trading, performance fees are charged only then in UBXT. To put it another way, their rule is " no profit – no cost" to utilize this DEX service.

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