It doesn't matter what I post about, I always get the exact same comments. So I decided to summarize them, so that you never have to read any comments anymore.

  1. "No one knows shit about fuck"

This is only said by people who've never read a book and who actually don't know anything. It's best to avoid these people, as they actually don't know anything.

  1. "Algorand"

Just the word "Algorand" is enough for getting a lot of upvotes.

  1. "I'm bullish on…"

Basically: I am bullish on whatever you just said. Could be total BS, like: I am bullish on OP's mom.

  1. Sir, this is Wendys/ a casino

No, this is Reddit

  1. Buy high, sell low

Doesn't matter what the post is about, there will always be someone who says this.

  1. Just DCA and HODL!

Yes, I get it, you DCA and hold. This is said to anyone who mentions anything about trading.

  1. This is a moonfarming post!

And that is a moon farming comment

  1. We're still early!

Yes, but you bought at the ATH anyway

  1. DYOR!

Thanks for your useful contribution.

  1. Whale alert! 🚨🚨🚨

Said to anyone who said they own 10$ of Bitcoin.

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