Ok things are getting out of control. People, especially newcomers, are being scammed left and right. There's SO, SO many scammers around, it makes my blood boil. With so many different ways they can use to scam people, it's just getting annoying and most of all, dangerous.

Here's some basic tips on how NOT to get scammed.

  1. This is textbook: If someone offers you free money,ITS A SCAM. Learn to filter through DMs in all social media platforms. Spoiler: No, they won't send you 2 ETH if you send them 1.

  2. Your seed phrase and passwords are your only hope. NEVER, EVER give them away to anybody. Protip: Keep your seed phrases written in physical locations and stored safely as well.

  3. Create anti-phishing codes, 2 factor-authenticators and every security measure available. It's always better to take a few more seconds to complete a transaction than to risk losing everything.

  4. Most scammers are dumb, but some of them are smart. They will talk to you for hours by offering customer support, act like they just wanna socialize, pretend like they are official developers etc. Always be aware and suspicious. Customer support will never message you first and they will never ask for seed phrases or passwords. Don't fall for it, please. Here is an example of someone who got scammed by a fake customer support

  5. In general, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Reddit DMs are people who want to scam you. Unless it's someone you know, block them. Even if it's someone you know, they might still wanna scam you. Be careful of your ex.

  6. Be aware of Rug pulls. If a woman (or any gender) is trying to offer sexy time and asks you to invest in the most epic and amazing new coin, there's a 99% chance it's a rug pull. Stay away. Try to invest in solid projects first. "Crypto Queen"

  7. Double check URLs. Check out for spelling mistakes. Especially if you've seen them in ads or someone sent them to you. Diffchecker is a great tool to verify websites.

  8. If you're interested in a project, make sure you're in the correct website and/or social media page. There's a lot of fake ones. Satoshi Nakamoto probably won't message you on Facebook

  9. Be careful while downloading apps from app stores. There's a lot of gimmicks and fake apps who may appear at the top. Double check everything: reviews, downloads, check with the official page of the app etc. For example: Fake Exodus wallets

  10. Test transactions. When you're about to complete a transaction, try sending a very, very small amount at first, to make sure wallet addresses are correct. And don't send anything to addresses you don't trust! (Refer to steps 1 and 4 and the rest of them)

  11. Be careful when connecting wallets to various websites/apps. Even if the website is legit, there's still chance for data bridge and security attacks by hackers.

One last request, please, even if you're aware of all of these, make sure you share them and tell your friends, family, colleagues etc. so they don't fall victims to stupid scams.

Feel free to add your own points and tools for others to see.

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