Mithrilverse, a high-fantasy metaverse on the binance smart chain network, appears to be entering its second cycle. This comes just as the developers release their exclusive staking platform, risk-free lottery pool, and complete their pitch deck and receive a listing on BSCProject.


Listings: CoinMarketCap | CoinGecko | BSCProject

Contract 0xc4Caf585c2b7eAF3F61ac69b1529E79F90B15569

Tokenomics [No wallet can hold more than one million Mithril and no transaction can be greater than one million Mithril.] [65M real supply, 35M tokens burned] [2% transaction fee to holders, 2% transaction fee to liquidity]

Socials: r/mithrilverse | TG | DISCORD

Upcoming Projects:

Mithril Army – Gamified Blockchain Explorer. Slay dragons with Mithril transactions and earn NFT rewards!

NFT Market – Market denominated in both Mithril and Ore.

Lore – We aim to build a complete universe with lore directly influenced by the community with mechanisms to reward contributors.

Warlord – Ore-powered high fantasy clan-battle game. A mix of the board game Risk, the strategy portion of Total War, and your favorite MMORPGs.

See More: Roadmap

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