Hello, I would like to introduce the people to the 8th wonder of the world.

The compound interest project which I have successfully started today on my

telegram group.

What is the compound interest project? Well, I’ll explain it here:

Compound interest is when the interest you earn on a balance in a savings or investment account is reinvested, earning you more interest.

Compound interest accelerates the growth of your savings and investments over time!

Simply put if you invest 100$ now and make a 2% profit you now have 102$.

Now if you want to invest in another project you have to invest the full amount 102$, that is what we call a compound interest.

I will do the math, and also add a link also so people can calculate their own earnings based on their initial investment, but let’s take this as an example:

100$ initial investment x 365 days and 2% daily profit, adding this up we have at the end of the year a total of ~138k $.

[Compound interest Calculator](https://www.thecalculatorsite.com/finance/calculators/compoundinterestcalculator.php)

If you’re interested and want to join my channel, you can either use the link below or simply search me on Twitter : [SmartMarketCode](https://twitter.com/SmartMarketCode)

Telegram link: [https://t.me/+pMZRB9mfp2U1ZDY0](https://t.me/+pMZRB9mfp2U1ZDY0)

Cheers, and hope to see many of you determined to make some money in the future!

P.S. If my text was inappropriate or you find it disturbing the community let me know, and the mistake will not be repeated!

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