$STORKS token is launching on Saturday, January 15th.

It will be a 10,000,000,000 supply token, with only about 55% circulating for a while, as tokens will be withheld for the P2E game and staking.

They are way more than just a meme, and are proving it in multiple ways.

They are adding around 50-70k for liquidity, and they are even locking 20k of it for 6 months to make it non-ruggable. They will be providing proof of the lock when the launch happens.

On top of this, they released their roadmap which is quite ambitious. They will have staking, NFT's and a P2E game.

The staking pools are already being built, and should go live shortly after their launch. If you jump into Telegram you can see preview image.

The NFT's are already in development, and will have multiples utilities (including a DAO to start).

I've also heard the game development has already started.

The team is very down to earth, and they have a lot coming for a meme coin. Definitely go join their Telegram and see what's coming!



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