I can't be the only one tired of meme coins 🤮 . Strongnode is a layer 0 project that allows people to generate passive income by "renting out" their latent internet-connected devices (phone, laptop, smart fridge) as nodes that work together in a giant mesh to batch process data. Basically, Strongnode mines computational resources and stores them on the blockchain. Any company or crypto project can use these nodes rather than traditional centralized cloud computing options. Using Strongnode is a superior option that will decrease latency for all projects that use their infrastructure. Even console games can use Strongnode.

The crypto use cases are endless. Low latency music NFT streaming, decentralized high-frequency trading bots, MEV on other blockchains, the metaverse and more are made possible with this tech. To top it all off, since all of the electricity to create the computational resources Strongnode is mining already exists, the increase in demand doesn't generate additional electricity. Thus, it is technically environmentally friendly. That's not the case for cloud computing server warehouses.

You can find it on Quickswap. Centralized exchange listings are coming in the very near future.


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