We have a great community. A good path. Since 2 weeks on the market and everything runs like clockwork! 🕰

Hasbulla Inu brings a refreshingly diverse investment opportunity to the crypto world with games, NFTs and community events.

It seems like they are breaking the ATH again every day and their diamond holders are not making it hard for them!

The easiest thing to do is to join the telegram group and see for yourself. With a little luck there is an event going on right now where you can win free airdrops!

Be part of a legend. Be a part of Hasbulla Inu 🔥

TG ✉️



http://hasbullainu.online/ 🌎

CA: 0x365e4ebc7b52fef45ca58bafb53c485ee41c51cc


Finally, another legend became a coin. Hasbulla Magomedov the Russian-born internet celebrity has now made it to the crypto world. Based on the successful Shiba Inu, the BSC Coin Hasbulla Inu has been created.

Launched on the Binance Smart Chain network, Hasbulla Inu has started the reputation of a legend.

Giving prizes away to their community isn't new for HASB. Part of what makes a project like theirs successful isn't just the utility and the tokenomics they bring, but the amount of community engagement they are able to generate. And it would appear that HASB is on its way to setting an entirely new standard in the space.

With high quality NFT's, game contests, upcoming staking and much more, HASB will overrun the market. Along with their utility, HASB is subtly building one of the largest communities on the social network Telegram. They have daily segments such as Competitions, new NFT's, AMA's, and much more. Daily games and prizes are active on their Telegram group, where holders can win BNB crypto through a variety of different games and contests. There are no requirements and everyone with a telegram account can participate. The HASB team is looking forward to welcome new members and players. Plans to develop a decentralized application (Dapp) for the HASB network are also in the planning stage.

HASB also attaches great importance to the security of the holder. With locked liquidity and locked tokens, HASB is one of the safer investments.

A swap is already planned and is currently under development. The team behind HASB has a wide spectrum of ideas and possibilities. This makes HASB a very interesting investment environment for smaller investors as well. With a lot of motivation and even more marketing HASB will soon be at the top. A new generation has begun. Be a part of it.

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