I’ve searched for this several times and I’m not totally sure I have an answer yet. Basically, can you sell a derivative piece based on copyright?

-I’ve seen drawings of Pokémon sell. Is this ok because it is original, or because no one is taken them down yet?

-what about someone just pixelating or running a set of programs to alter the pixels slightly or add a theme to existing images (or, have an AI generate themed characters for you). This is where the line sort of blurrs for me

-Marvel tried to ban NFTs based on their characters, but how do you enforce that? The seller isn’t actually selling anything copyrighted. What if they added their own work

-and finally, how in the ever living fuck would they enforce it? What if I just stuck a fucking LLP at the end of my store?

I’ve read conflicting info about all of this and I doubt any retard here knows the full answer, but if anyone has any advice I’d love to hear it

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