Show your talent for digital or traditional art in the Age of Tanks game world! Take part and try your luck in winning!

⏳Start: Jan 11, 2022 — End: Jan 18, 2022

So, gamers, you have a chance to experience a cool chance from Age of Tanks! If you are talented not only in the game world, but also in creativity, you should take part in a cool event to show your talents 100%!

Champions are commissioned to submit an “Ideal Tank” from their creativity. 🏗

It can be through digital art 🖼 or traditional drawing. ✏️

However, the Tank must showcase all Tank Parts: Hatch, Gun, Hull, and Engine!

🖌 THEME: Build and Dominate 🚨

💰Rewards and Prizes:

Winners: 3 Digital Art winners ➕ 3 Traditional Art winners.

Prizes: 600 $A.O.T. total. (100 each winner)

🛠 Mechanics:

1) Post the Art in your Twitter Feed and set the visibility to Public. 👁‍🗨

2) Tag Age of Tanks in your post! 🤝 u/AgeofTanksNFT

3) Include our Hashtags! #AgeofTanks #AoTINO #BuildandDominate

👩‍⚖️ Criteria for judging will be as follows:

1) 50% — Number of Likes on original post

2) 30% — Creativity and Originality

3) 20% — Adherence to theme

All Socials/Website/Blockchain URLs:

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