Pumped Shiba time to Ape

I see this project Pumped Shiba really go insane.

It just starte around 4 days ago and stealth launched at Initial market cap of ~1000-2000.

Right now they are constantly growing and sitting still at a low cap of 42k Mcap.

Why I think it is a moonshot is based on 3 things:

The team:

I am there since the beginning and the team is really doing everything they said.

Also almost all the time at least one of them is around to talk to and ask questions.

They rennounced the ownership just yesterday, do not keep a lot of the tokens and are basically just earning by the transactions 1% so I they are motivated to make this project get a lot of volume.

The starting comminuty:

Right now just 41 holders strong, but the beginning community is strong, everyone believes in $PUMPED and is holding strong. The community is constantly growing and getting interactive great members day by day

The Project:

Now coming to one of the important parts, the project.

As of right now, they launched already their first NFTs just after 2 days of launch.

They got an amazing artist on board who designs also stickers and NFTs on a day bases based on the current hyped sentece: e.g. "IN $PUMPED WE TRUST"

The main idea is how I see it is to create a MEME Coin with utility.

Their aim is connect the fitness industry by providing fitness nutrition with the crypto space, that you can buy the products with $PUMPED or $SHIB.

In the meantime they are creating a NFT club which might give in the future also discounts on their Products. (Pumped Shiba Collectors Club coming?)

I can just say, check them out, might be well worth it! 🚀

Yours Ng_Science_4_all ✌️

(PS: One of their NFTs – without the PUMPED SHIBA writing)




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