All (but NBA) are with VeVe, which is on a 2nd layer of Ethereum via Immutable X, therefore very very little hogging of space, it is part of what makes VeVe (ECOMI) carbon neutral, and there’s no gas fees; these are the main complaints about NFTs.

The 2nd main complaint about NFTs are that they are just cash grabbing JPEGs, that's not true here. The NFTs they've been doing are 3D renditions, many with animation, some with interactivity, the comics and books are readable, and all with augmented reality. Some things have more “utility” than physical collectibles given you can actually use them while some others have functionality.

Comparing all NFTs to JPEGS is like saying all crypto is Bitcoin and all phones are iPhones; there’s more to it and arguably better ways and freedom with the “alternatives” (no hate towards Bitcoin maxers and iPhone users). In all honesty, most NFTs are shit, and you can dislike them like I dislike meme-coins, shit-coins, and rug-pulls; but at least understand the ecosystem before making the same mistake many people make with Crypto, calling it a scam, a ponzi, and “making no sense.”

Not understanding the use, ecosystem, or possibilities does not make a thing bad. You don’t have to understand it, just don’t blindly hate something. Especially when it’s making some of the biggest players in the world comfortable with the wider crypto and blockchain technologies.

Disclaimer, I do use VeVe and hold their OMI coin, but I do support other crypto projects more than this and see some other projects (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano) as having a bigger and better impact on the world; I know the crypto world is tribal so don’t hate me for supporting any other projects either haha.

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