About the project:

👨‍🚀 mars4 is a core part of the emerging metaverse – a virtual world on mars that leverages mars land nfts, gamification and token redistribution to create attractive tokenomics for traders and investors. in this virtual world on mars, users purchase plots of land that they can later navigate, terraform, build upon and monetize.

Giveaway ends in 4 days

$16,000 giveaway is happening now 🎉

10 oculus quest 2s

$2000 mars4 token airdrop

20 mars land nfts

The token:

🚀 mars4 uses two tokens: mars4 dollars and mars land nfts. mars4 is an erc-20 / bsc token that must be burned to acquire non-fungible erc-721 land tokens. mars4 tokens can also be used to pay for a range of avatars, wearables, names, and more on the mars4 marketplace. besides being a creative outlet, all mars nft holders today can earn income from the built-in redistribution due to mars4 nft economy. 💸

venture capital investors:

• osaz

• dazhi crypto venture capital

• ascensive assets

• genblock capital

• stake capital

Highlights of 2021:

community has grown to 110k across all our social channels.

more than 5,000 investors hold mars4 nfts and can call themselves real martians.

as of year end, more than 55,000 nfts have been sold, representing 55% of total within half a year.

team has grown 2x since the beginning.

more than 80 ask me anything sessions.

since july mars4 has been cited in 20 publications.

more than 40 vc and angel investors and partners believed in our early vision.


mars4 is a fast growing metaverse project where you can own and customize your land property with mars4 dollars and even reap the rewards of the world's first revenue-generating nft!

hurry up to participate in a giveaway where you’ll be able to win a share of $2000 mars4 token airdrop, 20 nft land property and 10 oculus quest 2s!

Get your own piece of land on Mars :

Website – https://www.mars4.me

Twitter – https://twitter.com/MARS4_me

Telegram – https://t.me/mars4me_official

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