TLDR: Complete minor tasks such as translations, captha solving etc., and earn $JMPT tokens which you can either HODL for bigger gains or sell and get your pay.

The founders of the project stealth launched the token today with no private investors or sales – they provided the initial liquidity of 500K BUSD from their own pockets making the initial market cap of 100M. Bellow you will find some useful links and some information about the project. They also announced a collaboration with Honeygain which is their first partner!




Community chat:




Token address: 0x88d7e9b65dc24cf54f5edef929225fc3e1580c25

Pancakeswap information:

Why JumpTask?

01. Gig Economy

JumpTask strives to create a gig economy-based network that benefits as many potential users as possible, it will focus on different types of micro-tasks that can be completed quickly without any specific skills, background, or experience.

02. Intro to Crypto

With JumpTask, more internet users will get an exclusive opportunity to safely explore and enjoy these benefits without risking financial losses or bankruptcy. Using cryptocurrencies will ensure the security, confidentiality, and simplicity of the transactions, as well as lower transaction fees.

03. Brand-New

JumpTask will bridge the gap between task creation to task completion by reducing the impact of the middleman.

What's the Plan

User side

JumpTask will offer its users a chance to earn money by completing simple microtasks that will not require specific knowledge, experience, or serious time investment. The tasks will be categorized according to their nature and complexity and introduced gradually from the simplest to more challenging in terms of their development and verification.

Partner side

JumpTask's partners will have to define certain parameters of the task they need completed, including but not limited to the type of task, rules of completion validation, duration of the campaign, and reward size in JMPT. To be able to issue the rewards, they will also have to top up their JumpTask balance with JumpTokens (JMPT) prior to activating the campaigns.

From platform to protocol

JumpTask will act as an interim platform to onboard existing businesses and to create task protocols that use JumpToken. All the active task modules that prove to work successfully will be used to create templates for future smart contracts. These can then be validated directly on the blockchain with no intermediaries and allow for easier and more convenient use.


2022 Q1

  • JumpTask Platform
  • JumpTask Release
  • Initial Module
  • 100K Users
  • DEX offering

2022 Q2

  • JMPT Android App
  • Survey Module
  • 1M Users

2022 Q3/4

  • JumpTask iOS App
  • AppReview Module
  • Offerwall Module
  • 1 Billion Tasks
  • 5M Users


  • Attention Task Module
  • Action Task Module
  • Module to Platform
  • 10 Billion Tasks
  • 20M Users


  • Action Task Module
  • Attention Task Module
  • Data Task Module
  • Module to Platform
  • 50 Billion Tasks
  • 50M Users


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