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$FATPOOP has been inspired by the morning shit that DEV took. Coming to the BSC to revolutionize the way we think about our own poop. Please smell a bit of our inspiration by reading the poem below:

Poop is a smelly thing

poop is far from clean

when I poop, I poop on the pot

when I poop, I poop a lot

It's big and brown and looks like gravy

gosh it feels like I just had a baby

It's runny and smooshy , and really gross

In my family, mine smells the most.

I think I'm finished

I think I'm done

oh my goodness

it's beginning to run

oh no, this won't be fun.

Wipe and flush, I'm on the run

to play outside in the sun.

But in the yard, hiding low

I think my dog had to go

dog poo on the ground

dog poo all around

dog poo is smelly too

dog poo is on my shoe.


  • Locked Liquidity
  • Renounced Contract
  • Smelly Poop of the DEV from the morning, captured in the form of a token on Binance Smart Chain.
  • 1.3k Market Cap.
  • Artistic Expression of Shit in digitalized form.

Total Supply:


Fees: 12% (9% LP, 3% Marketing)

No dev wallets.

Join us now!

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