We have made it our mission to develop a high quality MOBA game, on the blockchain. We want to achieve this goal without looking like a cheap imitation of the greatest MOBA games to date. For the Battle of Lumia team, it is important to build a serious product of our own, and that is how we want to build our community.

Players are to immerse themselves in different maps and engage in exciting 5v5 battles, or explore the world of Lumeria with their Warriors. A land full of exciting tasks and spectacular battles.

Battle of Lumia will become a free-to-play and play-to-earn game where players can earn money. First and foremost, it doesn't matter how well you play, anyone can make money in BoL. However, the better and longer you play, the more you can earn. We want to use it to even out the chances that each player has. Until now, only the top MOBA players could earn money and the rest could only invest money in the game but never received anything in return. With BoL, the talent of each individual is recognized and rewarded accordingly.

Why Battle of Lumia?

Our intention is to develop a completely decentralized game. As we are convinced that the combination of gaming and blockchain will be the future. With our project, we want to become a big player in this exciting time of gaming revolution. The special thing about Battle of Lumia will be the cohesion with the community. Because this decides completely with and thus influences the course of the game.

At the moment, we don't see many high-quality games in the crypto sector, so we want to stand for quality with Battle of Lumia. We want to excite people with stunning animations and thus improve the fun of making money. With valuable and unique NFT's we want to arouse the customers' interest in the game.


We develop Battel of Lumia to provide equal opportunities in the world. We will create jobs for all those who make an effort. BoL will become a major employer in poorer countries that want to make money online. Furthermore, the blockchain game is supposed to enchant people with exciting battles and entertaining missions.


路 We want to develop an economically important game

路 It should be of high quality and inspire people with spectacular animations.

路 Creating new jobs around the world.

路 Building a decentralized community that will simultaneously play an important role in development.


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