👾Stranger Coin was first mentioned on CMS at a $15K MC and has exploded to a MC of $381k. The reasoning behind this isn't some sort of meme factor, but the very tangible endowment that actually spurs eternal growth in $STRANGER.

What is the Endowment?

The key to Stranger Coin's explosive growth is its endowment tax, which is placed into a 40% APR CAKE farm 🚜. The interest is then used to buyback and burn🔥Stranger coin in order to support its marketcap upwards. The tax essentially serves to retain funds from all sales into Stranger Coin permanently. There has been some recent selling and endowment fund was last recorded at $8,000. It s numbers are updated daily on the website and the endowment wallet is posted publicly on their website.

Unlike reflections, burns, and dividends, which decrease in value in the face of selling and bleed value from a token, the endowment is always linked with Stranger Coin forever, and injects value back into the marketcap in the face of selling and increases in value in the face of selling. In this way the coin is eternal and can never fail like so many other BSC coins.

If you search through their telegram, you'll see there are actually multiple SafeMoon whales 🐳 that have invested into Stranger Coin already, and they believe that this coin is the next SafeMoon. Dev has KYC'd to assure a safe investment.

The contract is unable to be renounced due the need to manually manage the funds but KYC is in place, liquidity is locked for 5 months, but a portion is being reserved for future exchange listings, and the sell tax is 15%, all these factors make the tokensniffer score look like 🤮just to warn everyone.

👾Strangernomics: 👾

✅Buy Tax: 10%

✅4% Liquidity

✅4% Endowment

✅2% Marketing

✅Sell Tax: 15%

✅6% Liquidity

✅7% Endowment

✅2% Marketing




✅ Liquidity Lock: https://mudra.website/?certificate=yes&type=0&lp=0x624ab53b843af0b63bf5eee7c5e97dc77b3cc729

✅ CA: 0xcee4579f115ac80731a2412121e119985020d9e0

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