And surprise you need internet for crypto…

Coming from a person living in Lebanon (a country on the verge of political, economical, and civil collapse) I can tell you that only a self centered asshole will look at what's going on Kazakhstan and just think of Bitcoin.

They're having much bigger problems than mining, I can assure you that.

And if you really want to bring crypto into it, this might be the chance for alts to finally decouple from BTC.

It’s slowly but surely happening and I already bought some DeFi alts like Curve cause I think its the best DeFi project and some BitDAO considering how much they’ve been investing in the DeFi space recently.

Many are the time that BTC has ruined an uptrend cause it went down 0.01%. So this might actually be good for the market long term if you care about is crypto in this humanitarian disaster…

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