I want to point out that I'm not shilling CRO, I have a tiny bag of it, not even enough to get the first tier of their debit card. I also want to add that they are far from perfect, their app is so ridiculously slow and I hate that I have to use a mobile phone instead of a desktop, both drive me mad. Also I know it's not decentralised so a lot of the crypto 'purists' are not going to like it (even though no crypto coin where you can just buy a controlling quantity with the only limitation being having enough money was never truly decentralised in my opinion).

That said I think they have structured their business model perfectly towards the average person:

1) You need to have almost zero knowledge to buy CRO and stake it.

2) Their pre paid debit card is the best bridge I've seen so far between fiat and crypto, you just spend your fiat and get crypto in return. It doesn't require all the world's companies to change their payment systems and pricing structure. Everything stays in fiat and the user gets the reward. Also it looks super cool and makes people want to show it off.

3) Their daily missions encourage a repeating $20 daily DCA which is perfect for teaching new investors to put in gradually and repeatedly rather than dumping a 4/5 digit lump sum all in on one price point, often near ATHs.

4) They offer decent staking rewards although you do need a large bag of CRO to access it which I feel is a bit off-putting.

5) They are doing real marketing, buying stadiums and paying Matt Damon to be in their adverts. Compare that to someone like LRC who also have a fait on ramp and wallet system and their marketing consists of a guy posting laser eye memes on twitter and discord and saying things like "WAGMI". I know Matt Damon was just paid to be in an advert but I still trust any company that can actually afford to hire him far more than a company that cannot / will not spend that money.

6) The coin price point is something that retail can understand, it's not a scary large number like BTC but it's also not 6 0s after a decimal like a lot of shitcoins.

7) Their model is built around buying and holding their coin for other rewards which is, again, great at teaching retail to HODL rather than the only means of value to try and sell at a higher price point that pretty much the rest of the crypto market exists on.

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