I am digging through old posts and articles with bitcoin price predictions and I found this one very interessting.

Note: The Article (link below) was published in September 2019, 5 months before the Covid Crash. The Price was around 10 000 USD. The Author called:

  • the price will reach $100 000 per bitcoin no earlier than 2021 and no later than 2028. After 2028, the price will never drop below $100 000
  • the price will reach $1 000 000 per bitcoin no earlier than 2028 and no later than 2037. After 2037, the price will never drop below $100 000

I added todays Price in Black and the Covid Crash in Red. The Green Line marks the low of 2041 of 1.8 Million Doller per 1 Bitcoin

Take a look at the Logarithmic Chart from Today:


The Price hit the Top of the Loga Channel in July 2011, Dec 2013 and the Dec 2017. From a historical perspective we can say that it needs around 4 years to hit the top. If this repeats, we will hit around 150.000 within the next months.

The Article has some other nice calculations, take the deep dive:

Sauce: https://medium.com/quantodian-publications/bitcoins-natural-long-term-power-law-corridor-of-growth-649d0e9b3c94

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