Hi all! About a month ago, I started to develop my own crypto algotraders. I’ve put a lot of time and effort, creating both profitable and unprofitable trading bots. Tried automating trading of everything from shitcoins to scalping top 100 coins with leverage. Some of those bots earned me some crypto, I’m not really satisfied with them. I am looking to find someone with similar algotrading experience as me. From there, we can combine our knowledge and build a sustainable and profitable crypto bot that will bring us passive income.

About Me:

  • I’m a full stack web developer, crypto miner and investor
  • Ever since I was 15, I’ve always wanted to live life like it’s a game where my purpose is to try to collect as much wealth as possible. It’s fun challenging yourself and seeing what you’re capable of
  • I have lots of experience with website scraping and scalping. I mainly write stuff in javascript/node (trading bots are written in this), but I also know python. I use vue as my front-end framework of choice.
  • Over a year of experience in cryptomining. Flipped a few rigs. Put the profit towards crypto DAOs

Qualities I am Looking For:

If you have experience with JS, crypto trading, or anything else that you think will help us build a better crypto trading bot, send me a DM or write a comment.

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