The first Token on Libero Quotidiano: Safeocean Token frees the seas from plastic and receives the attention of large non-profit organizations and newspapers.

After the great experience in crypto marketing and development, the Sardinian talents have collaborated with the largest non-profit organizations and are bringing the Token in newspapers.

Libero Quotidiano :

What is their goal? Becoming the #1 currency for donations to non-profit organizations in the next 24 months and publications in newspapers and media attention promise a great future for the currency.

Every year hundreds of millions of dollars are donated to non-profit organizations and, if Safeocean succeeds, it will be a huge advantage for the first investors.

Download now their guide and be informed:


How can I participate? Sending BNB (BEP-20) to this address 0xDe88b59dF27b7A036C6f446Dd5356bd286f8A4Fe

When you send in Bnbs, you use the same wallet where you’re holding the coin, we’ll use that address to send you the tokens.

Minimum purchase order 0.2 BNB Maximum purchase 2 BNB

Presale price 0.01 cent Price fairlunch 0.01 cent

A few days before the launch you will receive tokens on your wallet.

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