(FGS) New Era of Reward tokens!

Freshgainstein has been born to improve your wallet and portfolio. The token itself comes with 7% top gainer coin of the day on CoinMarketCap to all holders by each tax! Rewards can be updated to another gainer coin on BSC every day! ✨🤑✨


Simply, Freshgainstein is the first reflection token of every coin on BSC! The contract changes the reward every day to distribute between holders by each tax!

💎 Tokenomics

Total Supply:
10% to LP Providers
40% Pancakeswap LP
50% Burned at Launch
No Dev Wallet!

7% Reward Reflections
8% Auto LP
5% Marketing Wallet

Total Tax: Buy 10% / Sell 10%

💎 Features

👉 7% Distribution of Top Gainer Coin
When you got some $FGS you are in, holders will earn the top gainer coin of the day (depends on amount of your FGS) Please check Reward System for more info.

👉 Automatic Reward System
Your reward tokens for that day will distribute automatically and/or your reward percent will accumulate day to day to reach threshold.

👉 Anti Whale
2% Max Wallet
1% Max TX

👉 LP Locked. All Funds Are SAFU.
Initial LP is locked via Mudra until 30-01-2022. Meanwhile If the hype hits in, we'll extend it for 3 more months.

👉 Auto Liquidity Pool
8% of each transaction converts directly to LP on Pancakeswap, and stability of the price increases day by day!

Contract: 0x2e89b603beb8abb475359547517dd5dcc4e88a8f


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