The Abominable Bunch (Upcoming NFT)

T h e . A b o m i n a b l e . B u n c h

✔️ Collection of 4400 NFTs (Divided Into Four Equal Tribes) each with their own Social Cause

✔️ Unique and Interactive Minting Method requiring Easter Eggs to be Found

✔️ Zero Copyright, Non-Scaling, Head-to-Toe, 100% Original Artwork with Hue Stat (Mapi/Sasi/Yowi/Yeti)

✔️ 60% of OpenSea Fees To Winning Tribe of Monthly Competition (Art/Finance/Pop-Culture/Gaming)

✔️ Built in Burn Mechanic utilizing CollabLand's Trait-Specific Role Assignment Update (Releasing Jan 2022)

✔️ Fully Doxxed International Team of 9 (USA, AUS, UK and SLO) — MINT DATE: JANUARY 31st 2022

Website: Project name . io (Link below)

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