Vesq launched early this month on Polygon and has proven to have a very professional team, solid gameplan, and powerful backers. They're acknowledged by Olympus DAO, the original project that Vesq is forked from and inspired by. Vesq purchased $2 million of gOHM and has been recognized by the team as an approved fork!

Some impressive partnerships include:

Polygon founder Sandeep retweeted about the IDO after launch, suggesting that he's invested, and VESQ were also invited several times to Polygon ecosystem AMAs.

Multiple upcoming CEX listings have been announced, and VESQ has performed buybacks of over 100k USD to be used for seeding liquidity on CEXs (possibly three, as suggested by the quiz in their Discord asking for three CEXs they believe to be listed on first), and other investments to be determined by the DAO.

The following is their first treasury strategy which was deployed on January 7th:

  • Depositing 250,000 FRAX Tokens in Pool 5 (“Green Leverage Locker”) at 5% vAPY
  • Depositing 85,000 amDAI Tokens in am3CRV Pool at 9.78% vAPY (1.82% and 3% in CRV and WMATIC respectively, with 4.96% coming from swap fees)
  • Depositing $2m worth of gOHM into Impermax Finance’s WETH-gOHM Lending Pool for 7% vAPY (estimated post-dilution rate).
  • Depositing 100,000 MAI tokens (200,000 total) into Impermax Finance’s MAI-USDT & MAI-DAI Pools for ~8% vAPY (estimated post-dilution rate).
  • Swapping ~10,000 DAI to half USDC and half USDT to pair with our UST and TUSD holdings, LP USDT-UST on DFYN and TUSD-USDC on SUSHI Swap for ~5% vAPY on both.
  • Depositing 300,000 DAI into Aave for amDAI and putting in the am3CRV Pool as described above for 9.78% vAPY.
  • By safely earning yield on our idle assets, and reserving some stables for the acquisition of strategic assets, we can continue to grow the backing value of VSQ. This will lead to the lengthening the runway of the project and continued trust in the backing of the VSQ token.

Funds have been deposited into the treasury.

They’ve given us a glimpse into what is to come as well. Here are the things to look forward to in their future plans:

  • OTC Engine
  • Learn 2 Earn
  • Launch Pad
  • NFTs
  • VSQ Lottery
  • Governance Token
  • Cross Chain functionality

In a sea of Olympus forks, VESQ and without question set itself apart and they have JUST LAUNCHED. With such an attractive marketcap, you may want to consider getting on board for the ride.

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