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Contract: 0x73A715B127bFC67c62C7139e33D970366802cD63

We will introduce ShockChain, a sidechain solution for DogeCoin that serves two critical purposes. The first is aggregating DOGE to allow for less volatility and a more stable price point. The ShockChain platform automatically converts DOGE to SHOC at the point of transaction, leveraging a user provided DOGE/SHOC liquidity pool to ensure fair rates.

While Dogecoin is inherently and explosively inflationary over time, ShockChain is deflationary through an associated transaction fee. 5% of each transaction is burned, reducing the supply over time. Beyond basic digital economics, ShockChain also introduces a robust smart contract platform to the DOGE environment by linking it with the Binance SmartChain.

Through the combination of the DOGE to SHOC liquidity pool and BSC powered smart contracts, users can build decentralized applications that operate seamlessly with DogeCoin as their near-native currency. Built on DOGE but powered by ShockChain.

⚡️ShockChain BSC⚡️

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Contract: 0x73A715B127bFC67c62C7139e33D970366802cD63


💰Initial LP = 2 BNB

💰Initial Supply = 100B

🔥Initial Burn = 30%

💸Marketing Tx = 2%

💧Liquidity Fee = 2%

✨Marketing wallet = 3%

❌No DEV wallets.

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⚡️ Telegram:t.me/ShockChain_BSC

⚡️Telegram | ⚡️Lp Lock Link

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