🚀 Moonshots.farm is a platform that makes every degens life easy. You can stop trying to chase the next Doge, Shiba and 1000X. Instead, let us do the work for you 🚀 Stake your $cake in the vault and earn the latest trending coin automatically whilst your cake compound. 🎂 Every second day the team picks a new meme coin suggested by the community with high potential and it is automatically farmed and distributed without you doing any work. 💎 This means you will farm 15 different coins every month automatically 💫

You will also earn $Bones by staking cake Alternatively, you can stake your $Bones the native token of the moon farms and earn 5% of the BNB from moonshots. $bones has a 1% transaction fee used to burn supply. $Bones will also be bought back and burnt from unclaimed moonshots 🔥 🔥

✅ Team with prior experience ✅ LP burnt so it can’t be rugged ✅ Active TG with lots of giveaways ✅ Lots of marketing ✅ Exciting roadmap with games on the way

The dev is well known community figure since 2018 and has made many amazing projects that did really well. His last project hit a $15 mil MC and he has taken care of all his investors.

Tg : https://t.me/MoonshotsFarm

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