NEW GEM ALERT!!!! Crypto Casino With Unique Referral System!

💰 BezosDoge Token 💰

Introducing our Instant Referral Reward System that is BUILT into the contract! This unique system rewards you every time your referral BUYS or SELL!

How does it work?

If you refer someone, who refers someone, who refers someone,… Then you will receive a % bonus from EACH of those buys which are commonly known as the "referral train"!!!

The potential is huge: all it takes are a few solid referrals & you'll see the passive income flow!

– Leaderboards & Giveaways with Amazon Giftcards!

– Win Lambo by referring friends, top referrer will get it!

– Ultra-exclusive NFT club where you co-own a casino in the Metaverse.

– Holders will receive $DOGE (or any coin of their choice) straight into their account by just holding $BeDoge.

– Our licensed online casino that will accept $BeDoge to play. Own a Casino NFT and be Co-Owner.


– Doxxed and Audited by Rug Busters

– Certik Audit coming soon!


BUYS (15%)

💌 8% Referral* (5% to primary, + 3% to pay train [2.5%/0.5%])

📱 3% Marketing

💎3% Passive Earning Rewards

💰 1% liquidity pool

SELL (15%)

💌 5% Primary Referral

📱 5% Marketing

💎4% Passive Earning Rewards

💰 1% liquidity pool


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– Telegram:

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