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💲We are currently in the process of joining 🚀 UC Berkeley’s Blockchain @ Berkeley Xcelerator program 🚀 in which they will incubate our project all the way to completion!! Including promotion, funding, and all software development! We are also in partnership with a few Multi-Platinum Grammy winning artists! Join our telegram and prepare for the launch of our native token!💲

We are developing an ecosystem of softwares that will cut out the need for a middleman so that artists will no longer need to give up a significant portion of their revenue to record labels. We are in the very early stages for four blockchain-powered products that will revolutionize the music industry.

🎵In its current state, there are a select few artists who receive the majority of the revenue from most commercial music streaming apps. This is why we are striving to create an ecosystem that can be fair to all artists. Our music streaming app will allow artists to receive payment instantly for every stream their songs receive, and we will ensure that artists are fairly paid according to the streams their content generates. 🎵

Our music streaming app which will provide fair pay to artists by allowing them to receive a certain amount of tokens for every stream their content receives on our streaming platform. This will make it fair to all artists, so that they receive an amount of tokens directly dependent on how many plays or views their content gets. Currently, many popular streaming apps do not provide fair pay to artists, only a select few artists receive a majority of the revenue from these apps

Our products are:

Blockchain-Powered Music Streaming Platform

Blockchain-Powered Digital Audio Workstation

Music-Focused Metaverse

Music-Focused NFT Marketplace

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