Until blockchain is an integrated system that can work seamlessly within itself, it will not be adopted widely. In other words: the widespread adoption of blockchain and decentralization is directly contingent on its interoperability. Blockchain interoperability is currently at the very beginning stages of development and adoption. Blockchain is moving in the interoperability direction, but there is still a long way to go.

Magic Square is an emerging force for blockchain interoperability providing a unified platform and the first marketplace for crypto apps. Magic Square achieves an interoperable user experience with cross-chain bridges, integrated DeFi, and Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) technology.

Magic Square has implemented Bridges using deBridge technology in order to allow users the freedom of mobility across blockchains and protocols. Bridges allow:
cross-chain interoperability, compatibility, and composability of smart contracts
cross-chain swaps
bridging of arbitrary assets
interoperability and bridging of NFTs
Essentially, bridges warp coins and tokens to be translated and transferred between blockchains.
It is clear that Magic Square is a driving force for the integration and interoperability of the decentralized space. It would not be surprising if the effects of this platform continue to prove far-reaching.

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