Hello r/CryptoCurrency!

After the launch of Reddit Talk in beta last year, we are now opening up Talk to the wider community.

Talk is Reddit’s new live audio feature, and the first season of Talks held here on the sub were quite popular, with some of them reaching 10,000 unique listeners and 1700 peak listeners. Our community has a wide audience of crypto enthusiasts, with different levels of experience – from beginners to those who have been in the space for years. r/CryptoCurrency Talks provide a good platform to connect with a wide demographic crypto audience.

Now, we are pleased to invite users of the sub to host your own Talk sessions on any crypto related topics – from beginner sessions, news updates, trading/price discussions, personal wallet security practices, healthy debates between project and even project specific events.

With Talk, you can connect with our community in an interactive session. Talk hosts will benefit by:

  • Growing your reach and audience – r/Cryptocurrency has seen around 10k unique listeners in every talk, far surpassing the average reach for a Twitter Spaces, Clubhouse etc. For those interested in hosting audio based discussions, this can present a great way to build your following.
  • Hosts can be added to a dedicated discord server with moderators to discuss Talk programming, and also participate and assist in other community programmes such as Moons Governance, Cointest etc.
  • Possible Moons rewards for Talk hosts in the future.

If you are interested in hosting Talks please apply on CryptocurrencyMeta%20who%20will%20be%20hosting%2Fspeaking%20in%20the%20talk%3A%20%0A%0AAssociated%20Projects%2FCommunity%3A%20%0A%0AMy%20experience%20hosting%20talks%3A**%0A%0A——-%0A%0ANotes%3A%20%0A%0AIn%20Date%2FTime%2C%20Please%20mention%20the%20time%20zone%20too.%20%0A%0AIf%20the%20Talk%20is%20associated%20with%20any%20reputed%20project%2C%20please%20mention%20how%20we%20can%20verify%20the%20request%20(via%20official%20e-mail%20address%20or%20reddit%2Ftwitter)%0A%0A) with the topic you are interested to host. If you have prior experience of hosting your own YouTube shows, Clubhouse events, Twitter spaces etc, please also mention it and provide any links or samples you may have!

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