1. See a coin has pumped 5-10% in a day, go all in on that bad boi before the inevitable dip that follows takes you back down to where the price started and you 5-10% lower.
  2. Get a random bunch of coins in your wallet, DEFINETELY try and sell them because they are a scam and will steal a bunch of your coins from you.
  3. Always be moving coins around, doesn't matter where to or from just keep em moving into and out of wallets, onto exchanges, off exchanges.
  4. Try and convert your coins into other coins at least once a day, that way you are still gambling that the price of a single coin is either gonna go up or down but this way you get to eat up a few extra conversion fees.
  5. See a coin with an APR in the XXXXX% range, you buy that right up and just watch you money drain away.
  6. Meme coins are a great way to lose money, just wait until they are mainstream and have shot up about 100 x in less than a month and are in the top 10s then you are guaranteed to be buying at the top.
  7. See a new coin fresh on the market, that's probably a rug pull so that's an easy way to loose a chunk of cash without putting in any effort at all.
  8. Market down about 50% from ATH's, this is ALWAYS the best time to sell. You're almost certainly at the bottom at this point and you gotta get out before the price returns and you make your money back!
  9. Buy wallets for all the companies, even though you have coins with less value than the cost of the wallet. Gotta get that $50 off the exchanges after all!
  10. DCA into projects but do it in that way where you DCA MORE when the market is going up and then kinda slack off of it when the markets are down with that 'I'll wait and see mentality' because the E in DCA stands for emotion and you need to always include that when you are making financial investment plans!

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