The market goes down. Everyone freaks out. Oh no! The bear market’s here! Take your fiat and run!

We see one green candle. Sigh, what a relief. That was close. How’s everyone doing? Good? Didn’t take your fiat and run did you?

Next week, another dip. Oh my god, the death cross is upon us. This is it guys, no one every comes back from the death cross. Not for a few years at least. It’s the early sign on a bear market.

Another green candle. Well, let’s take a look at the bollinger bands. It appears things are looking good. We’re rounding back up guys!

The point is no one knows shit about fuck. Another way of saying that is no one knows fuck about shit.

We’re all going through this with blindfolds on, hoping the future is brighter than the last few months.

We might be going into a bear market. We might already be in a bear market. This year is anticipated to have a lot of regulatory efforts which might even send us down further.

Enjoy the ride and be confident in your investments.

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