I did a one-time investment of money I can afford to lose in eight of the top coins on Coinbase. I don't plan to invest any more money into them going forward and will just check in once in a while. I am curious what the true believers of crypto predict for this portfolio after 1 year, 5 years, and 10 years?

Portfolio balance $15,000

  1. Bitcoin BTC $6,000
  2. Ethereum ETH $3,000
  3. Cardano ADA $1,000
  4. Solana SOL $1,000
  5. SHIBA INU SHIB $1,000
  6. Polkdot DOT $1,000
  7. Avalanche AVAX $1,000
  8. Dogecoin DOGE $1,000

EDIT: Wow! Thanks for all the replies, though I was asking for predictions, not suggestions. I see many don't like the two memes coins, so then just ignore that $2K. What do you all PREDICT for this portfolio otherwise? Drop to $0? Double to $30K? Maybe hundreds of thousands after 5 years? A million bucks one day? Do tell. No more alternate coin suggestions. Thanks.

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