In a not-so-remarkable turn of events for the kindest and most genuine cult to have ever graced the crypto space, if you dare to not religiously follow the Safemoon Twitter, Discord and Subreddit, well, you’re a total idiot with a room temperature IQ and deserve to lose all your tokens for being so stupid.

Want some more context? Safemoon recently migrated from a V1 contract to a new V2 contract – unaudited, low liquidity… it’s hardly an enticing proposition.

Regardless, if you didn’t know about it, perhaps you buy and hold rather than religiously eating, sleeping and breathing Safemoon every day of your life, users are hardly at fault for keeping their tokens on V1.

Not to be undone by the low conversion rate of V1>V2 migrations, Captain John Karony decides to implement a 100% tax rate on anyone who does anything with a V1 Safemoon token except import it into the Safemoon wallet (which means giving them your trustwallet seed phrase, a big no-no for security) and then migrating it to V2 in app.

This decision was made rapidly and communicated across social media channels mere hours before the 100% tax was implemented.

So what happens to anyone who moves their Safemoon from wallet to wallet, or tries to buy / sell V1? Well they lose their tokens. All of them. And the Safemoon Army has zero sympathy – on the contrary, mocking them seems to be the knee-jerk reaction to people losing their entire investment just from simply trying to transfer their coins.

Honestly, no one wants to hear you moan and cry and advertise to the world how low your IQ is.

If you couldn’t handle this elementary task, perhaps it is best you not come along for the ride.

I personally triple check things over multiple avenues before making a decision.

Lol do some damn research learn about what you’ve invested in.

How can you have so much SafeMoon and be so stupid as to not know?

And this is what a post from a person who did absolutely no research looks like.

It’s not theft. It’s people not doing their own research amd throwing their money out the window.

Be more aware about what the team is posting.

I don’t think this community is smart enough to be investing in crypto let alone using it…

You have to do your due diligence every time friend. Crypto is fast-moving, unregulated space. You can’t just decide to do something on a whim and then pull the trigger. That’s a recipe for failure.

Ignorance is not an excuse, its never an excuse. If a person is inexperienced with crypto and especially SFM, there is no reason not to take your time a figure how to properly migrate from v1 to v2.

Who cares about your opinion on the matter. People should’ve kept up with their investments. No one should get a feee pass. This isn’t grade school or mommy and daddy’s house. Grow the fuck up. Pull your sissy socks up.

Why help those who can’t follow directions and do their own research? So it can happen again?

You have to be a special kind of stupid to sell your V1 at this pojnt

I’ll never understand why people don’t read before they do.

Stupidity must be punished😅 Thousands of warnings everywhere and it still happens …. Unbelievable 🙈

At this point if people are posting these and not seeing the hundreds of similar posts it’s on them, reading comprehension is hard

What a retard.

U had one job… and that’s to keep yourself up to date. SMH all these comments about lost Safemoon idk if it’s Fud or if this Crypto community is just idiots.

U sound like a loser that lost they shit too

Bear in mind, you’d lose all your tokens if you even did research and trusted what was on the Safemoon official website!!

So to round this up:

  • The 100% tax was communicated on social media only

  • safemoon website lists incorrect information

  • tax was communicated hours before the swap

  • Safemoon didn’t ensure third party exchanges had correct information.

  • Users have now lost thousands and thousands of dollars

  • Safemoon army can’t admit how much of a farce this is, so now pivots against members of their own community and calls them stupid for not CHECKING EVERY SINGLE SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNEL PRIOR TO MAKING A TRANSACTION

Personally I just can’t believe how readily the narrative has been absorbed that these people are at fault. It’s members of their own community and they can’t even be supportive. All these comments were upvoted, it’s the new narrative.

If you had some ETH, and you just transferred it from one wallet to another and lost it all you’d be livid. Especially when you find out that Vitalik made a couple tweets and discord comments about it.

It’s borderline criminal, and investors who lost out are now congregating on /r/SafemoonCase to gather information on how many tokens have been lost and how many users have lost out.

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