Pandaland is a brand new crypto project in the Binance Smart Chain NFT space. Extensible customization, powerful tokenomics, dedicated marketplace, minigames and a variety of rewards are just a few of the highlights.


Brand new twist on NFTs

You know all about NFTs — they come in various shapes and sizes — but we put our twist on it— customization. You’ll be able to purchase one-of-a-kind pandas of various rarities, mix and match your own panda’s style through parts — accessories, to truly personalize your panda.

Each Panda has a rarity and stats that affect its performance in minigames. Furthermore, Pandas can be customized using parts obtained through the opening of chests or bought from the marketplace, which further improve its stats.

Both Pandas and their parts are one of the following rarities: Common, uncommon, rare, exotic, mythic and limited edition (obtained through events)

Powerful NFT market

Our NFT market — called Panda Market — will be the one and only place to buy pandas and parts. Upon completion, it will be perhaps the most advanced and diverse of its kind. We have been working hard for the last couple of months and we will be offering a sneak peak of the Panda Market v1.1 soon, but in the meantime, the Panda Market v1.0 is in place with all the basic functions for you to buy and sell your Panda NFTs.

Play to earn

In our app, there will be two main things to explore:

You can play minigames in order to earn Bamboo tokens. Bamboo tokens can be used to purchase chests containing newly minted unique NFTs . For Bamboo to be sustainable, we have thought of a burn mechanism which will burn all the Bamboo used to buy chests. And trust us, you will want to buy the chests!

The Panda Lounge is the planned social aspect of the game. A 2D environment to welcome your friends and show off your pandas.


Pandaland has partnered with to conduct our presale in a fair and permissionless manner. The point of the presale is to raise funds for liquidity purposes (90%), as well as to feed us while we work on the project. After all, developers are people too 😤

In order to incentivize people to participate, prices during the presale are 20% lower than they will be once the token is listed on PancakeSwap. if that's not enough, our top contributors will also receive rewards in the form of in-game chests which contain various rewards.

Once the presale starts, you will be able to access it using the "Buy" button on the website, or by following the link posted in the Telegram channel.

Bottom line

We want to capitalize on the lack of quality NFT projects on the Binance Smart Chain to make a name for ourselves, then gradually spread to other chains as interest rises (Ethereum for starters). We spent countless hours devising a strategy and coding in the shadows to get to this point. We hope you’re just as ecstatic as we are! Keep an eye on our social channels for regular updates! Join the action!

PRESALE – Jan 11, 9 PM CET (Central Europe) | 3 PM EST East coast US | 12 AM West coast US | 3 AM Western Indonesia | 4 AM China


Only use the links provided on the website and in the official Telegram channel.

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