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Colligo Token is a community-first arts and collectibles token. The vision of Colligo token is to build a socially responsible community of artists and collectors who appreciate, and have an interest in the development of, the “Gold standard” adopted by the Fusion NFT (FNFT), build a strong branding for FNFT, and to support and develop international art in an environmentally sustainable, socially responsible and transparent governance manner. We are the preferred utility partner for Coinllectibles, a Fusion NFT pioneer and billion-dollar, publicly-traded company.

Colligo V2 offers a generous staking opportunity for its investors. Investors can stake their COTK for 15 days in return for a weighted percentage of the BNB in the staking fund.

Contract Address:

💬 Telegram
🌐 Website
📈 Charts Dextools
👥 Socials Twitter
🔄 Buy/Sell PancakeSwap

✅ Listed on Coin Gecko
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V2 Tokenomics (COMING SOON)

💎 1,000,000,000 Initial Supply
💰 12% buy, sell, transfer fee
👥 1% of each Tx is added to the artist pool
💰 2% of each Tx goes toward the Colligo liquidity pool
💰 4% of each Tx goes toward the staking fund
💳 3% of each Tx is sent to a multi-sig wallet used for marketing, business development, etc.
💳 2% of each Tx is sent to a multi-sig wallet used for development
🔐 Liquidity locked

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