With normal reflection and high yield staking tokens, the rewards are provided in the native tokens, which creates selling pressure when people sell their rewards. With TetherPlus, you get rewards in USDT so no one is selling their rewards, in fact, a lot of people reinvest their rewards to gain compound interest and create more buy pressure. This is a next level of DeFi.' Been in crypto since 2018 and never heard about a reflection token paying out rewards in stable coins (USDT). I did my research and I'm 100% sure TetherPlus will revolutionize reflection token and the BSC market. With their skills, TetherPlus team is literally goin' to change the way token holders become Stake holders. The idea is to use a reflection token in a way that holders receive daily rewards (ROI = dependent on daily trading volume) and the interest received is automatically paid out in USDT, that's crazy, making calculations it reached like 25$ rewards just in 1 day for my 500§ investment. And dont forget you get paid in a stablecoin (USDT) and are not left with a shitcoin you have to pray that he price doesnt crash. I copied some info from TetherPlus whitepaper, please DYOR, it's really worth take a look on this project

What is the $TetherPlus Token and the difference between other reflection tokens? Tether Plus differs through the reflection model. Successful projects such as Safemoon have already shown in the past that the mechanism behind reward tokens is a popular and successful business model. With normal reflection tokens, the number of tokens purchased increases with each transaction to a certain percentage.The result = inflation, as the rewards won are sold to the new holder. Tether Plus avoids this problem. The mechanism is the same with the difference that the rewards are paid out in USDT (Tether). Tether (USDT) is a stable coin that stays constantly at the $ 1 range. This protects the rewards of the holders of Tether Plus from inflation & keeps the price stable at the same time because holders dont need to sell to get their reflections.

How much is the APY generated? TetherPlus is bringing one of the HIGHEST APY in the market which is worth a daily ROI (Daily Return Of Investment <1%}. With the auto-claim feature, you’ll receive Tether (USDT) automatically every 60 minutes to your wallet. I tested this and for me it was always way over <1%, got like 1,8% in the first days and when the daily trading volume was <500k I received nearly 5% in just 1 day on my initial investment.

How are the rewards sustainable? 5% of every buy/sell is taken and redistributed to all holders. 2% of every transaction is transformed into liquidity for Pancakeswap. So even if someone sells a big amount, the community get rewards in USDT. So buys&sells will give us all those juicy USDT rewards.

How to get rewards? TetherPlus has created the innovative AutoRewarding token which bring to users a simpler way to receive USDT rewards. The only thing to do is to hold $TetherPlus in your wallet and you will automatically receive USDT rewards every 60min!! Join now the discord for further support by the team! And as always DYOR, I'm not a financial advisor. CA: 0x66c8F195Ec4FDA7e6327C59cdC2cD203A6a151e3

Useful Links:

discord: discord.gg/tetherplus

Website: https://tetherplus.to/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/tetherplusto

Whitepaper: https://tetherplusto.medium.com/earn-5-usdt-on-each-transaction-that-is-made-with-tether-plus-adb08bc3e7f0%60%60

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