I come across this project today browsing on Twitter. Their whitepaper is caught my eye, looks very technical and very informative about the project and project economy. The team is doxed by SolidProof and their contract is audited by TechRate!

I will copy and paste some information about the project:

MetaChess is an upcoming Play-to-Earn NFT chess game! PAWN is the official token of the upcoming MetaChess game! PAWN will serve as a main currency of MetaChess and also as a governance token allowing users to vote on upcoming game development. Users will be able to earn, stake & trade PAWN tokens!

Whitepaper: https://metachess.info/MetaChessWhitepaper.pdf

Webpage: https://metachess.info/

What do you guys think about this project? I'm a vivid chess player and I would love to see a blockchain-based chess game.

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