is a platform that allows your to use BRANK to compete in tournaments and multiply your winnings if your a good trader. With a market cap of only 12 million tokens, the Brank token will become more and more lucrative. As more people start to find out about brank and how your can play in tournaments and grow your token count, the token will fly in price making tournaments more and more profitable.

If you Entered a token tournament and say at current price you pay 5.30$ for a 100 token entry. Say first place paid out 600 tokens. First place walked away with 38$..
(Brank payout amounts and structure dependent on how many participants there are and the buy in ammount)

The brank team is very active on telegram and discord around the clock. Their team is noted on their website here @

Their getting Started page :

Brank is on Pancake Swap:

Social Links:



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