At the beginning of this week, $AGGL launched after filling a 1500 BNB HC on pinksale.

The token is still very unknown and dropped in price after rising to almost 4x the launch value of 0.10 cents.

📍It's not a meme coin, has real utility, a non-BS whitepaper and a clear vision. The team is also fully doxxed and they got listed on CMC after only 2 days. They're currently working their asses off to launch the betting platform in India, which will use $AGGL as currency.

The big idea is to 1.) give people the ability to be their own bookmakers and 2.) to have a fully transparent, decentralized platform for betting. 3.)

Is easy to understand for crypto enthusiasts, but 1.) is a game changer that takes a while to sink in if you're not familiar with bookmaking (or even sports betting).

🤝The bookmaking is – simply spoken – what legitimizes betting 1.0 companies to exist and to take as much money as they can from their clients (around 5% seems to be the tolerance threshold of people). The company's part is to ensure liquidity, so that everyone gets paid out if they've won.

🚨So how would this change if people could be the bookmakers themselves? First, the greedy 5% companies are taking would be drastically reduced, which results in – by default – the best odds in the market because everyone else is taking these huge percentages.

Second, the people that choose to TAKE bets (bookmakers) can now be "the house" and profit from the tokens they own (they provide the liquidity). This can be seen as an indirect form of staking.

In this way, both sides gain something: The makers get better odds and the takers can get money usually reserved for the big betting companies. On top of that, by making the token the betting currency, a huge constant buying pressure from the platform will be created. As of today, the token can already be purchased with credit card – in less than a single week after launch.

Judge yourself if you think this project has the potential to moonshot.

AGGLE – A FULLY DECENTRALIZED exchange for sports bets!

Live on Pancakeswap.

Long-Term utility together with a highly experienced Marketing Team

Reached 1500 BNB HC during a red market and also reached an ATH of 7.3 Million Market Cap.

CMC and CG is LIVE.

Did you know: ALL bets offered by traditional providers contain a 5% profit markup? At, EVERYONE can become a bookmaker and earn these 5%


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