😱 SafeChaos

🔥Introducing the new BSC Chaos Token

🌟SafeChaos token, with innovative buybacks and utility!


We're here to make something special, but we can't do it alone! Community is the basis for SafeChaos to Shine.


Creating the biggest chaos on the BSC Chain.

Every hour the liquidity and buy back tax percentage will change. Both start at 3%. When users initially buy, 3% of the transaction will go to the buy back wallet, and 3% goes to the liquidity. But an hour later, that's when the fun starts. Both taxes will randomly reconfigure to a value between 1% and 20%, changing the dynamics of buys and sells. The buy tax could change to 1%, making buys more profitable, and the sell tax 20%, making sells less profitable.

With a randomized Slippage every hour, plus Staking and NFT's, we are confident to take SafeChaos to the top!


Supply : 1.000.000

Auto LP : 0.5-10%

Buyback/Marketing : 0.5-10%

Buy and Sell Slippage at launch will be 6%. ( This will randomly change every hour )

Social Links

📱Telegram : https://t.me/SafeChaosBSC

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