🎧SoundChain – Its time to adapt to the new technology around us, Crypto is evolving & is becoming increasingly popular within the music artist community & fanbase, soon all albums & exclusive NFTs will be released through smart contracts!

Contract Address:


🚀Launched moments ago! Going absolutely viral and parabolic! Lp locked, whitepaper out! Community engaging! Strong project! No-presale, No snipers, No private sale! Pure community orientated project with a committed developer team.

Telegram Community:


🔥With leading famous artists already talking saying “fans need an ETH address to listen to my new album” – this is quite simple to understand why; Decentralisation. Consumers and content creators feel more in control and secure in the crypto eco-system!

To understand in depth and detail about the great fundamentals of this project you should take a glance at the website & read the whitepaper:


Liquidity Lock: (https://mudra.website/?certificate=yes&type=0&lp=0x54059f8f15ae3c825de2ffb6571b8b1e569bd655)

In simpler terms, Music streaming integrated with crypto is the next huge demand, we have put in immense effort to plan and execute this project, Plenty of correctly timed marketing upcoming with some big names involved; we’d love to invite big vision team members & also people who can give their input to take SoundChain to the next level!

Telegram Community:


✅Utility Projects like these don’t come around often, and when they do, they tend to go bizzerk! SoundChain all the way!

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