Meme coins were not established with a specific use or inherent value in mind, whereas mainstream cryptocurrencies, like as Bitcoin, were designed with specific technology to ease trading and transactions in the cryptocurrency market. "With meme currencies, there are no fundamentals." They're more of a community-driven phenomenon, a sort of millennial and Gen Z expression. If you will, it has all the trappings of reckless gambling. Investing in meme currencies has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. This is seen by the recent rise and fall of the Squid Games token.
In cryptocurrency, volatility is always a risk, and meme coins are considerably more volatile than other crypto assets. Meme currencies are heavily influenced by the community. Influencers' fame and success are largely due to the support and publicity they receive on social media. Mononoke Inu, for example, is a token that had a significant price increase just two days ago. Its price increased by 100 percent in just 24 hours! Elon Musk, the wealthy CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, for example, tweets about cryptocurrencies on a regular basis, which appears to have influenced their value. Me, personally hodling just DOGE, SHIBA and Mononoke Inu. CMC –

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