DD: Why I choose to use PLUTUS as my Crypto Debit card

Crypto Debit Cards are all the rage at the moment, most of us on the sub have a great appeal to the main player in that area Crypto.com. Their marketing and product have propelled the project to great highs and made many of us a lot of money both due to market cap increase but also cashbacks for those who use their card.

I have been using the crypto.com card for over 1 year now been using it since the MCO days (the coin before CRO, yup its a thing look it up). But the great highs in market cap and means the project is becoming more and more expensive to use while the potential returns have decreased dramatically.

Thus ive been looking for alternatives. I wanted a project low in market cap (Below 10 Million as of today) with a functional product comparable and able to challenge the domain of that CRO has conquered in the last year. This is where i found PLUTUS.

What is PLUTUS

PLUTUS is a non custodial debit card on which you get to keep your own keys thus not running the risk of losing funds due to the centralised nature of all other crypto card options out there. The cashback rewards are up there with the biggest crypto cards such as Coinbase and Crypto.com.

As a crypto project PLUTUS is still in its infancy as seen both in the time its existing and its marketcap. Regardless, the tokenomics are planned for long term sustainable growth and the team is constantly active with updates and community voting and surveys, keeping both the community active and alive while also making proper adjustments.

I advise you to take a further look into their website and platform and see for yourself.

I sleep better at night knowing that my funds are safe on my Ledger and accessible through Metamask for use on my Crypto Debit Card. No other Card offers this security!

Some Charts and Data

Following there is this chart that compares the CRO and PLUTUS card on a basis of payments and potential rewards. In my opinion we have a clear winner especially when considering the low MC of Plutus which means your rewards of today can multiply due to an increase in marketcap

Comparison of CRO and PLU cards NOTE: HERO (4%) Tier needs 250 PLU not 100PLU sorry for the mistake

The chart above implies that you choose the highest subscription payment but that is not the only option! You can choose to have no subscription but then rewards are limited to a spending of 250 €£ or choose the 5€£ or 15€£ subscription which allow for more perks and higher cashback rewards

PLUTUS is about to update its reward system and allow for many perks along with the Crypto Cashbacks you can read. more here Rewards 2.0. These perks include among others the following

Some of the upcoming perks on Plutus

With the upcoming rewards in Netflix Prime and Spotify which will offer a full cashback the lower tier cards of CRO are no longer competitive, especially considering the fact that you can get all 3 perks for Netflix Spotify and Prime for much less compared to CRO it seems like a no brainer to me.

I personally still use CRO for Spotify until Rewards 2.0 rolls out for PLUTUS and then i will transfer all payments to PLUTUS card. At the moment i have been using PLUTUS for about 3 months and have earned approximately 135 euro (at about current price) cashback in combination with the extra rewards we received for specific events. Here is the proof

My cashbacks so far ( i have also redeemed 9 plutus so about 40-45 euro as of now)

I can keep more positive points but the above is sufficient the rest you can see or ask me personally in comments or DM. After all this is not a DD without mentioning some negative points. Fortunately the positives in my opinion heavily outweigh the negatives.

First of all the low market cap is both a blessing and a curse. A project of this low MC needs to take off still and that takes time and work and patience. But with rewards 2.0 PLTUTUS will be earning a steady income stream as a company which means the company will be viable to sustain thus the project will be hard to kill.

Second, as of today PLUTUS is only available in the UK and Europe, thus in this regard CRO has the upper hand. Yet this also can work in our favour since a rollout into Asia has been in the radar and this can mean a lot of new people coming in and a huge influx of money for PLUTUS.

The PLUTUS DEX is having some issues for users in UK since the Brexit happened, this is something the developers are continuously looking into but have no set date for the fix, thus this might be a negative for UK users who wanted to take advantage of this feature.

Finally, a feature that has not yet been implemented on PLUTUS is staking. At this point you do not receive any staking rewards on your holdings which CDC does have, this is not something that is out of the question thought but for the moment it is a fallback. For now the team is focusing on rolling out the Rewards update before implementing any new features to ensure a successful roll out.

As always folks do your own research, click the link i added to check the full Rewards 2.0 and spend some time to understand why this project matters and is here to stay!

Cheers and happy spending!

Official website:https://plutus.it/

Medium page for extra DYOR: https://medium.com/plutus



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