Download the Hi Dollar app and get a Hi every day! (currently worth around 1 dollar).

Hi is a crypto coin that emerged very recently and now has more than 2.5 million users and aims to reach 1 billion users.

What makes hi Dollar a great service in my opinion is that you can bank quickly and for free via Telegram and WhatsApp. You communicate with a bot and that way you can send money to other users. That is not unique, there are more platforms that do this, but it is a nice feature. In addition to Telegram and WhatsApp, you can also use the free crypto via the web browser or the app. It becomes even better when you realize that it is not only fast, reliable and free, but also yields rewards. Not all features of hi Dollar are live yet, but in the whitepaper and roadmap you can find everything and see when things will be rolled out.

My nickname is: stikkes

Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: crypto is volatile, prices go up but also go down! Be aware that if you invest money, you can lose money. Do not invest more then you can lose!

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