VaultDefi V2 2022 is here!

VaultDeFi started off 2022 on a high with the release of its V2 contract merging Safevault and Ethvault into a single token Vault-s. VaultDefi is a unique multi token project with flexible and interchangeable commodities. These assets have been uniquely designed to reward holders with proprietary double compounding interest, highlighted with our innovative “delete bag” function that burns a percentage of the current supply with all transactions creating a direct benefit to the current market supply developing a larger market share for all investors. Having hyper-deflationary rewarding assets is revolutionary in the DeFi space and will be beneficial to all investors.


The first token Safevault, was launched in July 2021, a hyperdeflationary token rewarding holder's in safemoon. A partnership with Surge which will help VaultDefi build a multi token ecosysyem saw the reward switched to BUSD less than a month later.

Ethvault, the second Vault token was launched in August 2021 with similar tokenomics structure, a buy tax of 5% and a 30% on sells. Ethvault was geared to be the second `HODL' token due to its unique ability in creating double compounding interest rewards of a surge wrapped Ethereum SETH while also rewarding holder's in Safevault, the first of vault tokens.

In October, the third token VaultBTC (Vault) was launched. VaultBTC has a similar tax structure like the first two, it is also hyperdeflationary as every buy and sell carries out a buy and burn of the first two tokens alongside rewarding holder's in SurgeBTC. VaultBTC maximizes VaultDeFi’s distinctive reflections system that allows investors to diversify their portfolio by giving investors full access to the surge ecosystem. This simply means that a VaultBTC holder has the opportunity to choose to receive dividends in any one of the Surge tokens. Why We Reward in Surge Assets. I am going to try to explain this as simply as humanly possible because it is insane. How the price of our surge dividend always goes up in a nutshell: New Surge asset is minted with every buy to increase total supply and these surge assets are completely destroyed for every sell to reduce the total supply. Every transaction whether it’s a buy or a sell is taxed and use to raise the BNB value of of the Surge asset being transacted which is why it only goes up in value unless of course the underlying asset drops in value.

Why I Think VaultDefi has created the next 100x tokens

DeFi is not only experimental, unpredictable, and quick to change course without warning, it's a very untamable beast at times. It's all about evolution… and here we are. On January 1, 2022 VaultDeFi merged their first two token releases and created one… Vault-s. The migration itself requires that our investors only need add the new contract address to their wallet as the new token was seamlessly airdropped to all the holders and In just a few days, the amalgamation has proven to be a great success with the new tokenomics.Secondly, a rework of the 3rd VaultDeFi release was tweaked and fine tuned and available the same day.

Vault-X What has Changed?

Developer and CEO of VaultDeFi Jennifer Vardon has decided that her vision for Vault includes a more approachable and healthy way of trading. The fee structure was reworked to a 3% Buy Tax and 8% Sell. Each with their own unique perks as Vault-s now rewards in BNB while also self reflecting while Vault-X traditionally rewards holders in Xusd, an appreciating stable coin and at the same time retaining the ability to allow holders switch dividend between Surge assets as well as buying and burning Vault-S.

We are currently relisted on CMC and CG with integration onto platforms for cross chain interaction with many different blockchains incoming. This will not remain a BSC exclusive venture for long … Personally I'm a trader that enjoys doing his own DD so I will let you all enjoy the same. Happy to answer any questions here but I recommend coming to visit us on our Discord server for some more info. We have a very helpful and caring community full of perks and surprises that I'll choose to not mention to preserve the fun. This isn't a solicitated offer to just come and buy. Come hang out and learn the project that we love so much!

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