Thank you to this community for all the love you showed us every time we post here! We never used paid posts on this Subreddit and our community's sheer support got us trending!! And we are finally listed on CMC and CG as of yesterday!

Contract – 0xf224AdE71c20f9823E34e0792F72437596b4e28c

(We gained so many holders and followers on social media! Our community really appreciates all that love!)

As you have figured we are a community based utility token that rewards it's long term holders while providing ease of transaction and other utilities to our short term holders.

We are about to launch our merchandise store where 50% of the profits will be donated and the rest utilized for marketing Shibonk.

Our new whitepaper will be launched soon as well as our very own limited edition NFT collection!!

We have a very active Telegram which is a great place to keep up-to-date about all the latest –

Shibonk Reddit – r/Shibonk

Website –

If you are an avid investor and looking for a community a driven utility token then come join us!

We are growing organically which is helping us build a strong foundation for our community over using paid shillers and bots.

We have a lot of Shibarmy holders and definitely have the same vibe from it's early days and of course Yoshi from their dev team leading the charge at Shibonk.

And we are looking forward to be a part of the Shibarium network!!Very exciting times ahead for the community based Shibarmy!

Feel free to ask any questions and I'll reply at the earliest. Cheers!

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