I’m sure we can all agree that the crypto market is mostly run on hype lately. The DeFi summer, the NFTs, the half-finished P2E projects and of course the whole metaverse. I don’t want to be misunderstood, I am aware that there are great projects out there in each and every one of these segments. Even a few of them at the same time. But let’s be honest; most of the projects around are running on hype and do not offer much quality content or services worth the time you spare to learn and get used to. That’s simply because they are trying to grab the hype before it’s gone and rush their products.

That’s why I’ve decided to look around for projects which do not try to take part in these waves of hype but still take advantage of them. I started looking for projects based on already established sectors and can interact with the hype. I checked banking, social media, entertainment related projects with a twist to adapt to the future. I will not mention all of those projects, maybe I will, but not in this post. In this post I want to mention from Wallfair, a project that focuses on creating highly social and interactive gaming and wagering platforms. To understand this statement, we have to be familiar with the igaming industry a little bit. Normally, websites/operators don't want their customers to interact with each other much, can’t say that I know the reason. But here it is the opposite. I believe that is why they call their products “social products”. You can see what I mean if you visit their AlpaCasino, Wallfair’s first product and the first step of the greater AlpacaVerse vision. They are running it with complete transparency and openness, as expected from a decent blockchain project. Wallfair is not just an online casino operator, they also say that they provide service for businesses to integrate speculation markets to basically wherever you want since they hold the required licence for that. From several jurisdictions, if I’m not mistaken. I look into this as an individual, so I will skip that part. But I have to say that it is an important indicator to realize the scale of the project because the B2B market is usually bigger than B2C and that may mean the growth of Wallfair will be coming from two directions.

Considering this great potential, the promising upcoming projects and the price level at the moment(03.01.2022) I can say that it is a great point of entrance for new holders-to-be. I can say that I see a bright future for this project and recommend it to everyone I know. I wanted to take it a step further and recommend it to people I don’t know as well. I believe I should say “You are welcome” in advance.

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